10 STEP Morning Routine For High Achieving Muslims

Watch the video by Haroon Qureshi here:


Notes of the video, kindly written by Sister Aisha Curly below 🙂


1) Good night sleep:
– Download the “Sleep Cycle” app, an orange logo.
– Go sleep straight after Isha prayer.

2) Dua for waking up:

– Alhamdu lillahil-ladhi ‘ahyana ba’da ma ‘amatana wa’ilayhin-nushur”

(Praise is to Allah Who gives us life after He has caused us to die and to Him is the return) – Bukhari 11/113; Muslim 4/2083.

3) Drink water:
– H20 – FRESH.

4) Bath/wudhu
– Don’t pray in your pyjamas, wear clean fresh clothes.

5) Fajr (in the mosque for men)

6) Dua
– Your personal dua list, all the things you would like to achieve in this world and in the akhira.
– 10 to 20 minutes Read Quran.

7) Breakfast:
– Most important meal of the day.
– Eat quality food, nutritious, oaths, eggs with toast, banana etc.

8) Energise/exercise
– Stretch your body, work out, hit the GYM
– Get yourself in the physical optimal state to get yourself energised, passionate and hit the DAY.

9) Plan out your day: (in a journal)
– Write your TOP 3 OUTCOME LIST, and create an action plan under each. Don’t write a to do list.
– The most difficult/important/urgent action GET IT OUT THE WAY FIRST.

10) Take a nap (qailulah) [ (between duhr and asrr time.. noon-ish)
– Put on your headphones, Listen to natural nature sounds…birds, waterfalls, rain etc.
– Close your eyes, use a travel eye sleeping mask .
– Zzz’z “Sleep like baby”.



Haroon Qureshi

Before even hitting 26 and having built a 7-figure Amazon Business in just one year. Haroon quickly establishing himself as a leader within the Muslim Entrepreneurship space. His vision, honed through years of working with the Muslim community at the grassroots level has driven him to start the Muslim Entrepreneur Network, pulling together its founding members from across the world.