Let’s face it: Our community is in the midst of a massive epidemic.

It’s no secret that we’re one of the most highly educated groups in Europe. But don’t you think it’s kind of weird that we’re also one of the poorest? 60% of the 50 million Muslims in Europe are living off welfare Taxes.

WealthInIslam.com is an online community aimed at changing that narrative, with the help of Allah (SWT).

A website that is committed to helping Muslims all around the world achieve financial freedom within the contexts of Islam! We bring together knowledgeable Muslim scholars with experienced experts from the world of business to help Muslim entrepreneurs shake away the self-sabotaging beliefs that keep them from achieving their dreams!

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurial Muslims by destroying the self-limiting beliefs that many of us have when it comes to money and wealth. And to Offer Muslims a platform to discuss ideas revolving money, wealth and entrepreneurship, while gaining insights from knowledgeable experts and Muslim scholars.

We seek to inspire a new wave of economic leaders by reviving the entrepreneurial spirit that was so central to Muslims during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).