Ever wonder WHY you’re not Successful?

The below content was written by Ridwan Mahmood for his newsletter at his software company, Profit Phoenix. The content was republished on WealthInIslam with his permission.

I’ve got something very important to share with you, and it’s the unattractive reality about achieving success. You see the only way to become successful is to become OBSESSED. If you want to become successful in business, you need to become obsessed about it. Simple truth and reality.

Simply put the biggest reason why people fail is because their attempt at business is done too casually. It’s just something they’re “trying out” or its a “hobby”. Those people rarely ever become successful – because they’re too casual.

If you want to become successful you need to become OBSESSED.

Look at anyone who has achieved mastery in any area…

Recently I was at the Dubai Fitness Expo put on by Com Mirza, there were some seriously strong and big bodybuilders there Now it’s easy to look and admire – but behind the scenes to achieve that they became OBSESSED to make that a reality. I was on stage with Amir Khan, a world championship boxer. He had to become obsessed to get where he is today. People were asking him questions, the question they should’ve asked him was “What sacrifices have you made to be where you are today?”

Think about scholars. Think about the level of obsession and dedication it takes to reach their level. Think about the sacrifices that have to be made to get to that level. This applies to everything in life that you want to achieve mastery in. You need to become obsessed with it and immerse yourself in it – our you will never become successful in that area. You already know how to do this – spend more time actually WORKING ON your business and in your leisure time spend that LEARNING.

Another reason why you may not yet be successful in your business, why you aren’t progressing, why you haven’t achieved your goals.

It 100% comes down to your “Content To Action” ratio:

For every 1 hour that you spend studying, how many hours do you spend taking action and implementing what you learnt?

For every 1 hour you spend reading books and articles…

For every 1 hour you spend watching videos and webinars…

For every 1 hour you spend talking and planning…

For every 1 hour you spend getting motivated…

How many hours do you spend ACTUALLY taking action and IMPLEMENTING things into your business?

What you will find is that a lot of people (and this may even be you) will have no problem shelling out serious money and spending so much time watching courses and videos.. But when you look at the amount of time that is actually spent putting things into ACTION, it pales in comparison. Content To Action ratio I think is one of the NUMBER ONE reasons why most people do not become successful.

Back when I first started selling on Amazon I bought a big $5,000 expensive course to learn the ropes… you’d think people who buy such a course would be serious action takers right? Nope! The official statistic was that around 60% of people would never launch a product. And it’s because their content to action ratio is BROKEN!

What you need to understand is that you studying and learning content IS NOT PROGRESS. The only thing that is progress, is actual ACTION. A lot of the time we think that we’re working on our business, but instead we’re actually just consuming content and not actually doing anything.

So my final advice to you?

FIX your content to action ratio, make sure that for every 1 hour you spend studying that you spend AT LEAST 3 hours implementing. Making this one shift, will completely change the kind of results that you’re going to get.



Ridwan Mahmood

Ridwan Mahmood is an entrepreneur who has built multiple 7 figure businesses in the health supplements and software industry. You can learn more about him at ProfitPhoenix.com