I left social media for 30 days (during Ramadan) this is what happened

I left social media for 30 days (during Ramadan) and this is what happened:

1. I realised social media is a drug

I was shocked to see how addicted to social media i became. You dont really realise this until you get off. Once I came off i literally felt like i didn’t know what to do with my life. It felt strange. Normally while I would sit down i would grab my phone and scroll down my time line. As I sat there social media less i just felt lost – what do i do now?! It almost became a craving just to log on and see whats happening.

To be honest this was a lot more difficult than i thought. Initially i just stopped posting, snapping and instragaming and thought hey this is not that bad. But then i realised although i am not communicating with the world I am still going on social media to see what everyone else is talking about.

I realised i needed to change my game plan and logged out of all my social media accounts on my phone. Not long after did I end up logging in again. So i had to change my plan again and COMPLETELY delete all social media apps from my phone. At points i still ended up downloading them but ended up deleting them again. This was as good as it was going to get.

To the first thing i discovered how addicted I had become to social media.


2. I detoxed my brain from junk information

One thing i realised is that 99% of what is in my timeline was actual junk. All i see is selfies, food pics, random videos of people being beaten up and other junk that will have no positive impact on my life. I started to feel like I had more space in my head to think about things that will actually make a positive impact on my life.


3. I became focused and super productive

For those that know me know that I am quite active online. In the past i have made youtube videos, audio books, blogs, pics, posts, videos, lives, snaps and other stuff which is great but I came to the realisation that this really distracts me from actions that will produce real results. These 30 days actually became the most productive days I have had in a very long time because of my laser focus and lack of distractions.


4. I started appreciating my REAL social network

Disconnecting with the online world made me appreciate and focus a lot more on the relationships I have in the real world. Everyone should have their own crew of close friends and family they connect with. This is vital for our happiness and I realised that I stopped focusing on the real world and substituted it online friends. This problem with that is those relationships are not quality. So stepping back I started appreciating spending quality time with my friends and families.


5. I let go of my EGO

For me this is a big one. Throughout my childhood I failed in everything. I believed I was a failure and not good enough. Because of this as an adult I always tired to gain significants to prove to myself that I am good enough. And one of the vehicles for me to attain this significants was social media. I would get excited getting hundreds of likes and so forth. But one person really inspired me to step back all together. And that is my mentor Rocky Mirza.

Rocky is a super entrepreneur heavy weight who has build numerous 100 million dollar businesses. He is an online genius and a social media marketing guru. But the crazy thing is – you will not find him on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Youtube and so forth. And the reason is because he really does not care – for him these are all distractions to what is important to him.

I have never seen someone who has the opportunity to gain significants but totally keeps his life private to himself and to those people around him. For me I have gone through my own journey and come to the stage in my life were I just dont care what people think or say about me. I had stepped aside from my own insecurities in my life and want to focus on achieving results and making a positive impact on the world. Talk is cheap but real action and results is where true significants comes from. A good example is the ramadan food drive Com Mirza recently done. Through social media he raised a million dollars and fed over 30 million poor people. This is what happens when you use social media in the right way through producing content that has real substance and changes lives. The most important factor at the end of the day is not what people think of you but what your creator thinks of you. And its vital we step back and purify our intentions.

So in conclusion I feel we need to have a balance. The internet has an amazing ability to make a positive impact on peoples lives – and we should use it for that. But not to the level where it drains your mind with pointless information, takes away your focus and productivity, takes you away from building real relationships in the real world and gives you a false sense of significants.

Feel free to share if you found this beneficial so that others on your time line can get some beneficial info rather than looking at a video of pigeons fighting.



Haroon Qureshi

Before even hitting 26 and having built a 7-figure Amazon Business in just one year. Haroon quickly establishing himself as a leader within the Muslim Entrepreneurship space. His vision, honed through years of working with the Muslim community at the grassroots level has driven him to start the Muslim Entrepreneur Network, pulling together its founding members from across the world.