I love this project, and will continue to share it on my website and Facebook page!” Aadil S. Malik


Fantastic, I love it. May Allah make it a success!” Abdi Dini


We need this project in order to do good and follow the example of the Prophet, sallallah alaaihu wa salaam, and the Sahabahs – that is: make this world a better place. May Allah help and make this cause succeed. Ameen.” Ines Da Costa


I respect the cause and will definitely pass on the message. Thank you for opening up my eyes to such an important issue!” Khalid Salam


We need to emulate the likes of Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf (ra) who was one of the richest muslims of his time and has done amazing things for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Caliphs and the entire Muslim Ummah. Keep striving for excellence!” Zaffar Basheer, Founder and Volunteer Dawahflix


This website is a blessing in our times. Alhamdulilah. It has a trememdous amount of resources, full of gems and inspiration. I look forward to the tweets and updates from Wealth in Islam and highly recommend people take advantage of the amazing content they share” Sadiqur Rahman